Can the bob double jogging stroller be the one for you?

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie is the best double jogging stroller around today. The bob double jogging stroller offers great versatility not just for those simple strolls down the street but also for outdoor adventures. The swivel front wheel can be locked which helps improve stability while you are jogging or negotiating tough terrain. It can be folded easily and isn’t hard to transport. It also comes with an adjustable suspension which ensures a smooth ride for your kids. The seats have extra padding and adjustable reclines too. There’s a 5 point harness which ensures your little ones ride comfortably and safely. Both seats have sun shades of their own and multi-position options and a peek-a-boo window for you to keep an eye on them at all times. It has pneumatic tires and high-impact polymer wheels to handle those rough roads. There is a lot of storage under the seats and you also have seatback pockets and stow pockets in the seats. It has padded handle bars and a wrist strap too which ensures the stroller is secure at all times. It comes with a fold lock too which will ensure it remains closed while in transport. If you need to reduce the size of the package, you can easily remove the wheel too. But how good is the stroller really? Let’s take a look.


There is a storage bin under the seats which is big enough for you to easily access it from the sides and the back too. It can easily fit a large diaper bag and some additional supplies for two. The bin can be accessed even when the seats are completely reclined. There are big stow pockets behind the seats too. The pockets can be used for anything which you might need regularly like your phone or your wallet. They are a little hard to access when the seats are reclined though since they are kind of hidden and to the side.

Sun Shade

The stroller comes with dual canopies which are large and can move independently for the individual comfort of both passengers. They are made from canvas material and are even water resistant which will make them great for fighting off light rain. Both shades come with a peek-a-boo window too with a hook & loop closure which can be used to keep the sun out when needed. The cover also rolls up and you can secure it so that you maintain visual contact with your children at all times.


The leg rests aren’t adjustable but they are nicely padded so that there is sufficient leg room for both of the passengers and a pretty big foot rest. There’s a strap at the transition point between the leg rest and seat bottom which is made from rougher materials and could rub on your child’s sensitive skin and cause discomfort. Both seats recline by as much as 32 degrees independently which means that both passengers don’t need to be in the same position at all times.


There is no stroller which can maneuver quite like this one. This is the perfect example of even double side-by-side strollers moving easily in tight spaces over a number of different terrains. This is something that most strollers can’t even imagine doing. It certainly sets the standards as far as agility & maneuverability are concerned. It is really easy to maneuver this stroller on hard surfaces because of its pneumatic tires and 3 wheel design. It can turn relatively quickly and can easily negotiate tight corners. The one wheel in front makes navigation easier when it comes to entering tight spaces without getting the wheels caught up on something. It is considerably wide though so you will need to be careful while trying to get through narrow passages.


This stroller is one of the safest out there and that is obviously going to be a major deciding factor when it comes to baby strollers. After all, you wouldn’t want to be pushing your children around in potential safety hazards now would you? You will not have anything to worry about with this stroller though.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how good this stroller really is, it’s time for you to buy one for your kids.