How To Have A Baby Girl – Various Tips

Many couples want to learn how to have a baby girl and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with preferring a particular gender during pregnancy. In fact, natural gender selection methods have grown immensely popular in recent years as medical procedures are often too costly. The following are effective methods to naturally conceiving a girl.

Chances of conceiving either gender are not equal

Before getting started on the topic of how to have a baby girl, many couples falsely believe that the chances of conceiving either gender are completely equal. It has been shown that women tend to naturally be more alkaline which is why it’s quite possible for the entire generation to only conceive boys. It is equally likely to have a family that only has girls due to reproductive patterns that run in the genes.

However, when it comes to couples wanting to know more about how to get pregnant with a baby girl, there are several methods that are extremely effective in producing the gender of choice. In fact, using several different methods in combination with each other has been shown to significantly increase the chances. Getting success rates as high as 90% is not unheard of if the plan is properly implemented.

The male’s sperm determines the gender of the baby

In learning natural gender selection methods, it is important to note that the gender of the baby is ultimately dependent on the sperm of the male and more specifically of the chromosomes they contain. If the egg is fertilized by a sperm carrying the X chromosome the baby will be born as a girl. Likewise, if the sperm carrying the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, then the baby will be a boy.

Both the male and female carrying sperm are not created equal as the female ones are much stronger as they can easily withstand hostile environments but are slow swimmers. Likewise, the male sperm is extremely fast swimmers but are not as hardy as their counterpart. Knowing this is essential when it comes to conceiving a baby girl naturally.

Natural methods to conceiving girl

Knowing how to have a baby girl is not that difficult once you know what methods to implement to create a favorable environment for the female sperm. This includes making the reproductive environment as acidic as possible to eliminate any lingering male sperm. Other factors also include making small adjustments in the couple’s daily routine.

Perhaps one of the most widely practiced methods of ways to conceive a girl includes timing intercourse several days prior to the woman’s ovulation. The reason this works is simply because it creates a more favorable vaginal tract for the female sperm. Knowing when ovulation will occur is important as intercourse on the day of can easily result in a baby boy instead.

How to use an ovulation prediction kit

How to get pregnant with a girl is not a difficult process as you can make use of ovulation prediction kits to accurately determine when the date will occur. In addition, methods also include monitoring the woman’s basal body temperature by making use of thermometers. When going through this process, it is important to remain patient and to go through it several times.

Sexual position and penetration make a difference

Other factors that have an impact when it comes to couples learning how to conceive a baby girl is the sexual position. Depositing the sperm closest to the vaginal entrance is best as this presents a disadvantage to the male sperm that has a further distance to travel to fertilize the egg. Therefore, sexual positions with shallow penetration are encouraged as this will help the female sperm to fertilize the egg first.

When conceiving a girl, the woman should not orgasm during intercourse as this helps create a more alkaline environment which is more favorable to having a boy instead. In addition, the male should avoid wearing tight underwear as the excessive heat can result in a lowered sperm count. The above method should be used in combination with each other for best results rather than relying on only one.a

Making changes to the woman’s diet

Other factors of how to conceiving a baby girl are by altering the woman’s diet to include foods high in potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. These foods help to create a more acidic environment in the women’s womb and should be consumed on a daily basis. Likewise, all alkaline foods should be avoided when trying to get pregnant with the girl.

Perhaps one of the most effective methods when it comes to getting pregnant with a baby girl is making use of online guides by experienced practitioners. These detail the entire process from start to finish and even include an action plan for you to get started. These are generally fairly inexpensive but have had success rates as high as 94% with thousands of couples around the world.

There’s nothing wrong with having a gender preference

Many couples often feel guilty for preferring a particular gender but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, more and more couples are seeking this type of information simply because they find it beneficial and they have a preference. Be sure to keep these factors in mind when it comes to having a baby girl.