Milk powder and nutritional content (part 2)


Constipation is common in infants fed formula milk for formula milk is difficult to digest and can make the intestines absorb more water to help kidney metabolism of protein in milk. When translations are absorbed through the intestinal canal, tends to be little more fertilizer because fertilizer is dry and difficult to move. Also, note when the baby needs her to blush and seem straining whine does not mean your baby is constipated. Constipation is when the stool dry and hard, hard going. Even the baby away for a few day times is not constipation. But, when the baby changes bowel habits, you need to check why.

For formula-fed infants, check that:

Milk powder scoop size can vary depending on the type of milk, so you should check carefully mixing for each type of milk.

The proportion of milk: water. Ensure milk is not compacted in milk scoop. Always use water before measuring. You can always call the hotline of the company for inspection.

Some types will fit babies while others do not. Research shows that adding probiotics milk can soften the stool, and protein components can affect the baby’s bowel movement.

She does not have to finish the milk bottle, why?

Ideally still breastfeeding on demand. And of course, they should bottle feeding your baby on demand. They will have different feeding needs at each feeding and the feeding of the day. Breastfeeding on demand will allow her to learn to adjust as well as self-eating habits later. No need to squeeze the baby to finish the bottle. Important is a healthy baby. Follow the instructions of your baby: baby diapers urine 6-8 times / day, steady weight gain, alertness, and agility. If your baby’s growth is stable, meaning that what they are eating meets the needs of the baby. Here is an example of required volume of milk formula for babies and Toddlers:

The important points when using formula milk

  • The formula guide is for reference only, to meet the new baby is an important guide for you.
  • Always check the temperature of the milk on your wrist skin.
  • Always hold your baby while breastfeeding to prevent movement, colorful, ear infections or cavities.
  • Enjoy feeding period and communicate with your baby.

Suggest a milk formula for infants

This is not a simple task. The lips formula, beta-carotene, nucleotides or probiotics will be more expensive. You should keep in mind if you cannot afford to buy milk for the baby of this; there is no problem at all. Dairy companies are very strict management should be honest; the effect is almost the same milk. There is no evidence to suggest that these supplements offer real long-term effect at all. The growth and development of babies are very complex, which includes a series of reactions to various factors. Even if they benefit the content, they are too small to affect the baby’s development, as well as many babies developed very well without these substances.

Finally, the most important is a lot when you have to try a few new categories to find categories for your child.

Why not cow milk?

There are many reasons why cow’s milk or other types of milk are not suitable for children. Cow’s milk has protein not only inappropriate (2.5 times more than breast milk) that the quality of protein is not appropriate, and it is also difficult to digest because it accounts for 80% of casein. Moreover, he is also difficult to absorb the fats in cow’s milk (breast milk only 50% fats). Cow’s milk can cause intestinal bleeding and amount of calcium can affect the concentration of iron. And finally, many of the nutrients in milk with a concentration much lower than the baby’s needs such as vitamins A, D, C, E, and iron.

Filtered water or tap water

You may be advised to use bottled water to mix the formula. But recent studies show that bottled water or boiled water is equally safe.

Carefulness is still foremost

If you have any concerns about eating, growth or health of the baby does not hesitate to see your doctor immediately. Small changes from childhood can cause a major impact on growth; metabolism and the organs are developing.