Tips On Getting Pregnant

Some women oftentimes have difficulties conceiving a baby so naturally they look for tips on getting pregnant once they make the decision that they are ready to raise a family. Some may try for months or even years without any luck of conceiving a girl or boy and can be a devastating situation to deal with. With so much conflicting advice out there, the process can seem confused so the following are tips on getting pregnant.

Before learning different ways to get pregnant fast, it’s important to first make sure that you are ready to make this commitment. The choice to conceive a baby is an emotional one and should thoroughly be discussed with your spouse before you proceed. There are many factors to consider including whether you are financially and emotionally ready to care for a child.

Changes to lifestyle and diet need to be made

Tips on how to get pregnant include identifying several things in your lifestyle and making changes that will improve your fertility. These include pinpointing your ovulation, exercising on a daily basis, eating a healthy diet and other various fertility home remedies. In addition to changes that need to made, it is also important to avoid doing certain things that can seriously impede your chances of getting pregnant.

Maintain a balanced workout routine

While exercising is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain a balance when doing so. For example, running excessively has been shown to reduce chances of conceiving in women as it can cause your period to be skipped. So when exercising, be sure to do so in moderation and to always take breaks on a regular basis.

Lose the birth control pills

Additional factors on getting pregnant include not making use of birth control pills as this can have an effect on fertility. Foods high in folic acids should also be consumed on a regular basis and is even recommended by the FDA. Folates contain a high source of vitamin B which is essential for women wanting to get pregnant as this also helps to decrease chances of birth defects.

Do not smoke, drink or do drugs

If you are smoking, drinking or doing drugs even on an occasional basis, they need to be stopped immediately. These factors greatly diminish the chances of getting pregnant and can result in serious consequences if you do happen to conceive. Research has also shown that smoking affects fertility in addition to lowering sperm count for men so be sure to avoid this at all costs.

Watch your weight

Further tips on conceiving include getting the weight in check as healthy women have been shown to have an easier time to conceive than those who are overweight or underweight. Optimum body-mass index (BMI) is typically in the 20 to 30 range and will help to increase fertility. To help with this process, be sure to exercise on a regular basis and to avoid processed foods while eating a healthy diet.

Timing of intercourse is crucial

The time that you and your spouse make love is important as the chances of getting pregnant increases on days where you are most fertile and decreases on others. It is recommended to have intercourse several days prior to ovulation and as much as possible as this enables the sperm to live inside the uterus while waiting to fertilize the egg. Timing intercourse several days prior to ovulation is also recommended for conceiving a girl. Making use of ovulation prediction kit is therefore essential to better pinpoint this date.

Keep your emotions in check

Studies have shown that women who suffer from depression and have stress in their lives significantly reduces their fertility by as much as half compared to women who don’t. Another tip includes diagnosing signs of depression immediately and to utilize stress management techniques. Research has also shown yoga and meditation to be extremely effective in reducing stress levels.

Sexual position matters a great deal

When it comes to ideas on how to get pregnant naturally, the sexual position matters as deeper penetration are encouraged as this deposits the sperm closer to the cervix. When attempting to get pregnant, it is recommended to avoid positions where the woman is on top as this limits the flow of the sperm to the uterus. Other recommended positions include missionary as this helps with pregnancy.

Create a favorable reproductive environment

Tips on conceiving also include creating a more favorable vaginal tract for the sperm by avoiding douching and vaginal sprays. The reason for this is that these tend to wash away cervical mucus and also kills off sperm early on due to a more hostile environment. Making use lubricants will help to make the vagina much more conducive to getting pregnant.

Utilizing these above methods requires patience but it is important to remain optimistic. A recent study suggests that 85% of women eventually become pregnant after one year of trying. However, if it takes longer then it is recommended to consult a doctor even for women older than 35. Be sure to keep these factors in mind when it comes to getting pregnant fast and naturally.