Trying To Conceive A Girl

If you are trying to conceive a girl, then chances are you have heard about the more common methods that are currently in use with success rates as high as 80%. Artificial insemination procedures are often out of the question as they can easily exceed several thousand dollars. The following are effective methods when it comes to knowing how to get pregnant with a girl.

While there are many different methods when it comes to conceiving a girl, it’s important to first note that the male sperm is responsible for the baby’s gender. In addition, the sperm carrying the female genes are very strong and are able to live in hostile environments where the male sperm would not. Knowing this is helpful in creating favorable conditions to conceive the gender of choice.

Make use of ovulation prediction kits

In trying to conceive a girl, one of the most invaluable tools you will need include an ovulation prediction kit. As part of the Shettles method, timing intercourse several days prior to ovulation is crucial as even being off by a day or two can result in a boy. This can be made easier by making use of prediction kits and ones that use saliva as an indicator as they are much more accurate.

Utilizing this method when it comes to trying to get pregnant with a girl will help give the advantage to the female sperm. In addition, making love before ovulation hits will ensure the least amount of male sperm in the vaginal tract as they do not stand a chance in acidic environments. Knowing this will significantly increase chances of having a baby girl.

Encourage sexual positions with shallow penetration

The vaginal tract is naturally more alkaline towards the cervix and more acidic closer to the entrance so sexual position matters a great deal. It is most effective with positions that encourage shallow penetration as this will naturally deposit the sperm closest to the entrance. In addition, this will also hinder the male sperm from reaching the egg as they have a further distance to travel.

Depositing the sperm closest to the vaginal tract will also ensure that the female sperm will fertilize the egg first as they are naturally stronger than their counterpart. Utilizing this method along with the Shettles method is extremely effective when trying to conceive a girl. The reason this works is simply because the male sperm is put at a significant disadvantage which increases the likelihood of getting pregnant with a girl.

The woman should not orgasm during intercourse

It would also be best that the woman does not orgasm during intercourse as this causes the reproductive environment to be more alkaline. While some may argue that this won’t really make that much of a difference, it can matter a great deal in the long run. Combining all known methods together will help to significantly increase the chances of fertility for a baby girl.

Alter your diet to create a favorable reproductive environment

Another factor is the diet as you want to avoid foods that are high in alkaline. Likewise, it’s best to consume foods that will increase the acidic levels of the vaginal tract such as green vegetables and meats. Including lots of calcium in addition, to foods high in potassium and magnesium will also help to naturally have a baby girl.

Monitor pH levels of your body

The one factor that probably has the biggest impact when it comes to trying to conceive a girl is the pH levels of the reproductive environment. This is crucial to monitor as more alkaline levels will ultimately result in conceiving a boy even if all the above steps were taken. Using testing strips are therefore crucial so you can monitor the levels on a daily basis and make changes when necessary.

So when it comes ways to conceiving a girl, there are many approaches that are widely acceptable and effective. One of which is making use of douching with a special formula just before intercourse. Most gender selection clinics carry this as part of their inventory but they do sell for well over $400. Fortunately, there are home remedies that you can put together that are just as effective.

Be patient and stay persistent

Many couples often believe that they have no control over the gender of their baby but this is simply not the case. In fact, there are many guides available which have success rates as high as 94% which essentially proves that action can be taken to conceive the gender of choice. Many of these methods are go into much more detail and even offer action plans to get you started.

So to get the best results you should proceed to combine all these above methods together for optimal results. Monitoring the pH levels of the reproductive environment is important in addition to timing intercourse days prior to ovulation. Be sure to keep these factors in mind when trying to get pregnant with a girl.