Vegetables, Fruit Absolute Pregnant Should Not Eat The First 3 Months Of Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not eat the fruit during pregnancy is the question many women are concerned. To enjoy good health during pregnancy, especially the first 3 months, an important stage and most difficult because of the risk of miscarriage is very high and fatigue from morning sickness. So during pregnancy, pregnant women should abstain from eating fruits, vegetables do to ensure a healthy fetus.

And in this article, I will help you distinguish some fruits that you shouldn’t eat too much not to affect to your health and your baby. This is more popular but it isn’t good for your baby.


Classified by a distinct aroma and sweetness appealing. Because of pregnant, food labels will grow more heated in, the fetal hemodynamics, abdominal pain, bleeding. So vote mother should note with this fruit.


It is no coincidence that it is the pineapple on the blacklist for the first 3 months pregnant mother. Pineapple is a fruit sweet, fragrant. The reason is that fresh pineapple contains bromelain works to the cervix, create substance abortion. However, pregnant mothers can eat moderate amounts of pineapple, matching the needs of the body.

Green Papaya

Many studies show that green or ripened papaya contains many enzymes and completely latex, can cause consequently cause miscarriage.

Moreover, green papaya also contains prostaglandin and oxytocin are substances and many people needed to boot the moment the birth of the child. So when the day is not enough for a full-term baby is born, if eaten unripe papaya is likely to have a miscarriage pregnant mother.

Chilled Watermelon

Watermelon eating too much while pregnant will cause blood sugar levels to rise. During pregnancy, many women psychologically unstable, has many physiological changes, insufficient insulin secretion, making the effect of reducing blood sugar, promote blood sugar levels rise, causing diabetes.

Eating watermelon cold easily cause abdominal pain during pregnancy and diarrhea. Therefore, too much watermelon, watermelon eating more and not freeze, even with the sultry summer day.

Unlike labels, fabric does not cause too much body heat. Its problem lies in too much sugar. So, if you are overweight or at risk for diabetes, pregnant mothers should avoid eating a lot of fabric.


Vitamins A, eating plums, pregnant women will be offered a large amount of carotene useful for windows to the soul. In addition, iron, potassium, fat, phosphorus, protein in plums effectively. However, for the hot, plum equally as labels or digging. Mother pregnant should limit eating or suffer heat rash.


As fruit snacks ideal, especially at a time to work. However, in addition to hot, not eat guava peel phenomenon can cause constipation.


Fragrant, sweet but not bored, is a fruit custard majority everyone’s favorite. If the mother does not want to vote increases the amount of food causing food hot menu daily, limited memory loaded custard offline!

Breast Milk

Limit your intake of many fruits of this hot property, and note that only eat the flesh is in, not to “encroach” the fleshy part of the chat outside, because it can cause constipation.

Bitter Melon (Melon)

The reason is that bitter melon is very low in fiber and fat, did not fit the diet of pregnant women and nursing mothers. In addition, pregnant women eat bitter melon can cause hypoglycemia. Furthermore, bitter melon seed contains a substance called a toxin capable of causing acute syndromes such as headaches, stomach cramps and coma with sensitive pregnancy.

Another reason that experts in nutrition recommend that pregnant women should not be so bitter melon bitter melon is considered a uterine stimulant effect and can lead to premature birth. Mothers who are breastfeeding should not eat bitter melon because of some bad elements can be transmitted through breast milk.


So pregnant women should limit eating peaches, if there should be peeled and eaten should not eat regularly.

These are some fruits mother should limit to eat in the pregnant period. Paying attention to nutrition but shouldn’t eat them too much, it can be counterproductive. Just something eat a little to add nutrition for your baby. But you shouldn’t eat these fruits so much to make sure your baby is safe.