Ways To Have Twin Babies

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Certainly, it’s not impossible for women to conceive more than one child in just one full pregnancy term. And this reality is considered as one interesting story of how twins can grow from inside the mother’s womb. In fact, this is one of the life’s mysteries that have some scientific explanations.

So, how to get pregnant twins? For some, this might be a wish while for others, it’s a real blessing. Pregnancies with more than one baby have been very common in recent years and if you’re among the vast number of couples around the world who want to have twins in the family, then finding out some ways to conceive two babies at the same time is necessary.

Generally, getting pregnant with twins will require the mother to take some sort of fertility drugs. On the other hand, there may be cases where the need for any drug is not needed anymore. This is the time when the mother releases more than one egg and they divided themselves into two. There two types of twins and these are:

  • Fraternal twins – twins resulting from multiple fertilized eggs. They may be twins but they don’t look exactly alike.
  • Identical twins – twins resulting from divided eggs. These twins will have the same exact looks and body features that make them almost hard to tell apart.

This theory of fertilization of multiple or divided eggs are based on scientific explanation, other theories and ways to achieve having twins are written below:

Firstly, scrutinize your own family tree and find out if somebody in your lineage has any record of having twins. The purpose of checking the family history is to determine whether there’s a chance that the genes for hyper ovulation can also be running in your blood since it can be inherited.

Secondly, consider your age. There are big chances of getting pregnant with twins if you’re in the mid 30’s or early 40’s. This is due to the fact that the speed of ovulation is greater in these years. Also, it is at this time that the woman’s biological clock is taking up the speed. On the other hand, you have to know that this stage is also the most risky time to get pregnant as the chances of developing health complications for both the mother and the twins are higher.

Additionally, based on some studies, conceiving twins is possible when the woman’s body mass is at high levels. In other words, obese women are more likely to produce twin babies than women who are lean. Thus, the woman’s diet really has a role with achieving twin pregnancy. An example of food that is recommended for women who seek twin babies includes dairy products. Dairies contain chemicals that trigger hyper-ovulation and so, higher intake can increase the chances of producing twins.

The last resort for having twin babies is though IVF fertilization method. The fertilization of the egg taken from the woman and sperm taken from the man is usually done in the laboratory.

Surely, motherhood itself is already a wonderful gift and being blessed with two beautiful children in just one pregnancy is overwhelming.